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February 2013, Dix Bros Circus moved to Entertrainment Junction located in West Chester, Ohio. Entertrainment Junction is a family oriented organization that features Ohio's largest indoor garden scale train layout. This site also has the A-maze-n funhouse for the children and children of all ages.

West Chester is just north of Cincinnati, Ohio and right off I-75. As you exit I-75, Entertrainment Junction is just to the east of the Interstate. Follow the signs and turn right just past the Jack in Box and gas station. Upon entering the parking lot, this is what the entrance looks like. There is a fee to view the train layout and entrance to the A-Maze-N funhouse. Just go to the train depot located inside the building for tickets.

Dix Bros Circus is located to the left of the main entrance through the red and white stripped doorway.

Ticket office and main entrance to the train layout where the early, middle and modern ages of railroading is built in G scale.

Entertrainment Junction provided the lot on which Dix Bros is to be set up on. The area takes up a total length of 18 foot 8 inches and is 31 inches from the floor. As with all displays at Entertrainment Junction, Dix Bros is protected by plexiglas. This was day one of the set up and would take 4 days to set up.

Once the big top was located on the lot, work on setting up the enterior began. Working from the back of the tent to the front, seating, rings, wild animal arena are put in place. Since the display has never been set up on this platform, the show had to be set up as if it was the very first time.

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